I officially have 2 committed investors! Baylor here I come!  There’s a certain optimism that comes with getting new investors. I have two people that believe I can make it. They believe it enough to bet on me and that’s the best thing anyone can do. Their chips are on the table and now I’m gonna show them it’s a worthy expenditure.


About Ian Daniel Hancock

My name is Ian Hancock and I am bound and determined to be successful in life. As an American at the bottom of this recession I have a great opportunity unfolding before me. After four years of college the American Employment Market will be like a forest after a fire, bare and ripe for new growth.I am a tenacious young man willing to work his way into the world. I am unwilling to take student loans. View all posts by Ian Daniel Hancock

One response to “Investors!

  • dougal

    I love the win-win-win that this concept smells of : Ian and his Investors interestes are aligned.

    The only loser is overpriced college educations that do not prove valuable.

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